Graduate in PPTT Course in Bangalore

The Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training (PPTT) is the correct course applicable to students who aspire to satisfy a pre- and primary teacher's requirements. The course adopts the best practices offered by the Ministry of Women and Child Development from the National Curriculum System guidelines and equips the participants of the course with the expertise and trust to be professional practitioners of their choice in schools and preschools.

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) states in its position paper on Pre- and Primary Education that the first 6 to 8 years of a child's life are regarded internationally as the most important years for lifelong growth since the speed of growth in these years is extremely rapid. This stage of life is also critical as a basis for instilling social values and personal behaviors that are known to last a lifetime. What follows logically is the vital value of investing in these early years to ensure an encouraging atmosphere for every child, and therefore a solid base for life, which is not just every child's right, but will also have a long-term effect on the quality of a country's human resources. Pre- and primary schooling, and teacher training to provide apprentices with an impact in this age group, derives its importance from this rationale.

The course is ideal for those students who aspire to fulfill an educator's position in a pre- and primary setting without sacrificing on a current profession or life choices requiring them to obtain a global post-graduate diploma in a field of their choosing.

  • Maximum duration of the course is 9 months.
  • It is a flexible program that can be pursued from any corner of the globe.
  • Self-paced.
  • Fast track mode permits early completion

Average course completion time varies between 4-6 months depending on the number of hours per week that you devote to this course. The time spent though, is well accounted for as it equips teachers with the essential knowledge base to further his or her career in this field with confidence.

  • A High School Degree is the minimum requirement for this course.
  • Aspiring and existing teachers are free to apply.

The minimum eligibility requirement for the Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training is a high school graduation from any recognized institute. After you’ve enrolled yourself into the course, you’d have to submit your documentation for our records.

  • Program is available in online mode
  • Very reasonably priced with installment options available
  • Scholarships available for meritorious students

The Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education is priced very affordably at Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students. The course is administered completely online and hence extremely conveniently administered for students pursuing existing careers or those who require the flexibility of self-paced online education. With a Graduation from Atheneum Global Teacher Training College, be best placed for a global teaching career with a very affordable investment.

We offer a comprehensive Graduate Program in Montessori Teacher Training for those wishing to work with, or be in charge of Montessori house of children in pre-primary education space. The course comprises of advance Montessori concepts – both theoretical and practical.

The Diploma is awarded on satisfactory completion of the course, which is assessed by: Written coursework, set throughout the course in the form of tutorials. Production of reference files on the practical materials. Making of language and cultural teaching materials. The Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education is an integrated course consisting of theory, practicals, album making module followed by a viva voce.

Theory: 8 modules

Practicals: 4 modules

Albums: 5 modules

The break up of these modules is as below –


  • Life History Of Maria Montessori
  • Exercises of Practical Life
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Montessori School Administration
  • Sensory Education in Montessori
  • Early childhood language
  • Methods of Teaching, Writing, and Reading

After the completion of the Graduate Diploma course, candidates are awarded a Graduate Diploma by Atheneum Global Teacher Training College. The diploma awarded has an added advantage as the word ‘Online’ is not mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional US $ 25 (South East Asian & Middle Eastern Countries) and the US $ 35 (rest of the world) as certificate dispatch fee.

Generally after submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, you have to pay the dispatch fee. After that, we take your shipping address and contact number and courier the certificate to the same. It takes a maximum of 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the candidate’s address.

  • Simple and easy enrollment process.
  • Application and payment online.

All our course requirements are clarified on our website, FAQs and Blog posts. You can also give us a call to help you with the onboarding process or to help clarify some aspects of the course.

Once you’ve made the online payment, you have to wait between 24-48 hours before we can enable your student account and get you started on your journey to academic success.

  • Personalized tutor support.
  • Tons of reference material and videos
  • Self Paced

Trainees enrolled into the program would be personally tutored by our experienced faculties at Atheneum Global Teacher Training College. Regular doubt clearing sessions and other academic support is extended as part of this personalized tutoring. The learning is at your own pace and the support provided is completely personalized and carries high level of expertise.

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College’s industry linkages and international credentials lend credibility to your candidature. Every candidate is issued a personalized letter to help him or her land up with an internship of their choice. This internship is an important step towards finishing your course as well as to start your journey as an educator.

In addition to this, candidates are also given privileged access to Jobs For Teachers, a national portal for teachers for all kinds of teaching assignments. In essence, what we wish to communicate is that Atheneum is committed to offering you the very best education and the very best access to teaching opportunities.