Mentor kids in any montessori setting with ease

Montessori teachers have to be subjected to extensive training based predominantly on cognitive development of the child. Our Montessori teacher training courses, now in Bangalore, follow the Montessori ideology that of enhancing the creative brilliance unique to each child and understanding them on an individual basis.

Our Montessori teacher training courses are designed in a manner that involves techniques and tips provided by industry experts to use in a practical setting of teaching.

Why choose Atheneum

Eligibility and Course Fee


  • The minimum requirement is a high-school degree or a bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute
  • At Atheneum Global existing or aspiring teachers can also apply for the Montessori teacher training courses.

Course fee:

  • We aim is to offer top level teaching training at reasonable rates because we know how it is difficult to find a top-tier, acclaimed course that isn’t expensive.
  • The certificate course is priced at Rs 9,500 for Indian citizens and $ 150 for international students.
  • The graduate course is for Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students. Post graduate diploma is for Rs 25,500 for Indian citizens and $400 for international students.
  • You can also pay in instalments and avail the benefits of our high-class training without emptying your wallets!
  • We also ensure that we honour our meritorious students by offering scholarships and encourage a positive learning environment!
  • Montessori Courses Course Fee Eligibility
    Certificate in MTT Rs 9,500 for Indian citizens and $ 150 for international students. High school degree
    Graduate in MTT Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $250 for international students bachelor’s degree
    Post-graduate in MTT Rs 25,500 for Indian citizens and $400 for international students bachelor’s degree

    Teaching and Learning Modes

    • Study Montessori anytime, anywhere! - No matter where you are in Bangalore with the benefits of our online Montessori Teacher Training courses you can study at your comfort and pace.
    • Fast track mode - We also have fast track mode available that enables early completion. Depending on your schedule you can manage your lessons, your way!
    • Now avail our finest Training through our in-class sessions now in Bangalore.
    • Our in-class Montessori programs offered by IIMTT have now arrived at Bangalore!
    • Our IIMTT centre at Bangalore will focus on in-class training of your full-fledged Montessori curriculum.
    • With extensive chapters covered in classroom plus our web and mobile based assessment of the same concepts you will get an edge over others!

    Course curriculum

    • All our Montessori courses are designed with theoretical and practical lessons as per Montessori methodology, helpful for the trainee teachers to ultimately foster independence and arouse curiosity in young minds under their care!
    • The curriculum is designed in ways to effectively enhance your teaching capabilities and help you exercise cognitive approach of learning in classrooms.
    • It prioritizes on how you will analyse a child’s skills through various techniques and processes that you will use while you teach in a Montessori setting.

    The theory portion of certificate in MTT course covers 4 modules that elaborate on

    1. Life history of Maria Montessori
    2. Exercise of Practical Life
    3. Sensory Education in Montessori
    4. Montessori Method and History

    These modules help you to not only get an essence of Montessori Teaching but are also focused on providing specific knowledge of how to manage a classroom.

  • Vast curriculum to help you adapt in a montessori setting with theory applicable to real-life teaching scenarios.
  • The theory portion includes 8 modules, the practical includes 4 modules and the albums include 5.
  • Albums are basically instruction manuals or guides for using Montessori materials. With a wide range of in-depth concepts including Maria Montessori’s teachings, and advance information on early child development these albums serve as crucial wisdom that channelize your learnt skills in the right direction for any Montessori teaching environment!
  • Not all course providers offer specific guidance to help you decode and construct albums but with Atheneum we ensure that you don’t feel like you lack any skill that hinders your academic progress. We only give you the best!
  • The theoretical modules include the following concepts-

    1. Life History Of Maria Montessori
    2. Montessori method and history
    3. Exercises of practical life
    4. Early childhood education
    5. Montessori school administration
    6. Sensory education in Montessori
    7. Early childhood language
    8. Methods of teaching, writing and reading

    Diverse montessori curriculum of lessons that you apply in practical settings! - The Post Graduate Diploma in MTT consists of 16 theory modules, 4 practical modules and 5 album modules.

    Apart from what is being covered in the courses like Certificate in MTT and graduate diploma in MTT you’ll see the depth of content that a post-graduate course covers. From psychology to sciences and tips on story telling you’ll realize how each of these modules are important keys to better understanding pre-school kids’ behavioural patterns and teaching them accordingly.

    Take a look at the topics these modules cover -

    1. Life History Of Maria Montessori
    2. Montessori method and history
    3. Exercises of Practical Life
    4. Early Childhood Education
    5. Montessori School Administration
    6. Sensory Education in Montessori
    7. Early childhood language
    8. Methods of Teaching, Writing and Reading
    9. Psychology and guidance
    10. Special Education
    11. Teaching as a Profession and Methods of Teaching Topics
    12. Early Education, Learning Theories and Types of Teaching
    13. Sociology
    14. Health and Hygiene
    15. EVS Botany, Zoology and Chemistry
    16. Story Telling

    Admission process and academic support

    • Our 3 step online enrolment process includes you applying and paying through our safe and secure payment mode.
    • You could pay through BHIM UPI, Google Pay, Card or other reliable platforms as per your convenience!
    • Our expert group of personalized tutors will answer all your course related queries and enhance your skills as a Montessori teaching professional.
    • Our personal guidance makes you understand your strengths and weaknesses and helps you improve accordingly to be capable to guide young minds effectively!

    Career opportunities

    • Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has popular linkages and international credentials that lend high credibility to your candidature.
    • We make sure that every candidate is issued a personalized letter to help him or her land up with an internship in their choice of Montessori establishment.
    • This internship is an important step towards finishing your course as well as to start your journey as an educator.
    • Internships like these help you put in practise the immense knowledge you have garnered during the course and apply them in to Montessori settings.
    • In India, the average salary for a Montessori Teacher is ₹2,61,800 per year. The highest salaries can reach to ₹6,00,000.
    • In the United States a qualified Montessori teacher makes around $42,623 per annum.

    Accreditation and Affiliations

    • Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has both national as well as international accreditations which makes it one of the leading teacher training course providers. From being one of the few training and development organizations that is ISO certified to being members of international colleges and associations, Atheneum is globally recognized!
    • We are also proud members of The International Montessori Council (IMC,) USA and The International Montessori Society (IMS), USA who are dedicated towards designing policies that promote the essential principles of best practices and authentic Montessori education.
    • Additionally, Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is an institutional member of The College of Teachers (The Chartered College of Teachers) and Atheneum Global Teacher Training College affiliated with London Teacher Training College which is a renowned Teacher Training College known for its remarkable, quality teaching.