You will be guided on highest concept of montessori psychology

Our classroom Montessori teacher training sessions will give you an exposure to a dynamic community, aspiring to become successful Montessori guides and mentors to children, just like you.

With such top-tier Montessori training you will efficiently perform roles of a teacher, a mentor and even a guide to every child that is taught by you.

Why choose Atheneum

In Class Benefits

1.In Depth Training:

  • With our staff and their complete expertise on how to train you through this amazing journey of becoming a competent teacher and with your fellow aspirants and your interaction on how to work towards building your skillset, you will improve with your teaching skills at a steady rate.
  • Plus we offer abundant collection of material including theory, practical videos and demonstration videos on practice teaching and also provide sample albums & practice record notes.

Perfect duration for all round development:

IIMTT Courses Duration
Diploma in MTT(Regular batch) 6 months to a year
Diploma in MTT(Weekend batch) 1 year
Diploma in advanced MTT 6 months to a year

The advanced diploma is for individuals who would like to build their understanding on advanced Montessori concepts and would like to garner their knowledge on early childhood education and polish their teaching abilities.

Interactive AV Classroom

  • Our chapter-wise concepts and experts from the industry will assist you in an AV setting that makes the complete learning process more interactive and collaborative.
  • You would have access to a vast repository of reading material in order to make the learning effective.

Web and mobile based assessment to brush up your learnt lessons

  • You will be analysing and observing every child, their actions that help you make note of their physical, mental and emotional development.
  • You will be building processes and activities that help in overall development and enhance skills unique to every kid.
  • You will remain constantly in touch with parents to inform them of their child’s progress and discuss on how to further guide them.

How to enroll? vist us at bangalore or contact us

  • Now that you are caught up on all the benefits of our IIMTT classroom Montessori teacher training courses all you have to do is either contact us or just drop by the centre at Bangalore where we will help you out with all the necessary essentials on the training process.
  • Bangalore, it’s time to take that step ahead with world-class training under IIMTT and turn your dream of a successful Montessori career into reality!

Accreditation and Affiliations

  • Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has both national as well as international accreditations which makes it one of the leading teacher training course providers. From being one of the few training and development organizations that is ISO certified to being members of international colleges and associations, Atheneum is globally recognized!
  • We are also proud members of The International Montessori Council (IMC,) USA and The International Montessori Society (IMS), USA who are dedicated towards designing policies that promote the essential principles of best practices and authentic Montessori education.
  • Additionally, Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is an institutional member of The College of Teachers (The Chartered College of Teachers) and Atheneum Global Teacher Training College affiliated with London Teacher Training College which is a renowned Teacher Training College known for its remarkable, quality teaching.