Internationally acclaimed CDA credential to be confident in any childcare setting

Guiding and managing young kids is not everyone’s cup of tea. In order to avail jobs in both centres and homes where understanding child development is a must. This is possible under expert guidance of the top-tier Child Development Associate (CDA) courses. Also did you know that in USA, CDA is also notably the most commonly accepted qualification in the field of early childhood education.

From a child care worker to a day-care a day-care teacher, a preschool teacher or say a nanny, all these aspiring children guides need to go for a CDA to help get an edge among others. The path to understanding kids on a deeper level starts with being passionate about what you do. That comes when you are capable of helping and managing children with ease thereby growing your confidence in the same. With Atheneum Global’s CDA courses you will hone skills essential to step by step develop your potential and widen your skillset required to inch you closer towards your rewarding career.

As an assistant to a preschool teacher too you can pursue a CDA course. Besides as a preschool too in order to makes observation of the interests, talents and progress of every kid, analysing those observations and creating activities and strategies to better educate and guide them, you need to be trained. With an extensive curriculum that helps you organize effective and fun methodologies to manage children you will be equipped to take the lead in any childcare setting.

Our CDA course in Bangalore are composed of high-quality, expert-level personalized training on how to build a positive nurturing environment for children and give them the vital nourishment and guidance.

Why choose Atheneum

1. Extensive 120 hours supportive training - We at Atheneum Global Teacher Training College deliver a 120 hours CDA credential training program. We are internationally recognized for our CDA course and once you are done with the course you will become eligible to apply directly with the CDA Council. This will serve as a stepping stone to beginning formal endorsement process.

Atheneum Global is always looking out for you! We do so by being a trustworthy helping hand that is keen on not just getting you enrolled but also in enhancing your skillset. There will be times when a student lacks the required 480 hours of experience in working with children. Such candidates need not worry when they enrol with us as we organize suitable internships for them to become eligible for the CDA qualification.

2. We are course provider with national and international accreditations - From being a certified member of International Montessori Council (IMC), USA and also the International Montessori Society (IMS), UK, Atheneum Global Tecaher Training College is recognized by established bodies in the field of teacher training.

We are also affiliated with LONDON TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE and among the few course providers which are ISO certified.

3. Our online community is diverse dynamic and of great help! - Online teacher training through Atheneum Global exposes you to a vibrant community of students, grads, faculty, and staff. So you need not worry that perhaps online training is not that effective or would not be as interactive, because at Atheneum Global, interaction with fellow aspirants and industry experts is what you will be availing!

4. Word online is eliminated from your CDA certification of global relevance - Atheneum Global provides CDA teacher training courses online but the certificates won’t have a mention of it being online! You will be getting a CDA certification after successfully completing any of our CDA course. This certificate with its international relevance will also prove that you are capable of effectively managing children.

Besides the Atheneum Global’s CDA Certificate you receive is awarded by the internationally acclaimed Council for Professional Recognition. Our certification thus helps you stand out and shine as a child care expert!

5. High-quality courses are now affordable as well! - Atheneum Global’s CDA are all reasonably priced so you can avail the benefits of expert level training that is globally recognized without having to worry about the prices!

Eligibility and Course Fee


High school diploma and on-field reporting!

If you have an associate’s degree in early childhood education, then CDA is unnecessary, go for a bachelor’s degree next. However, if you don’t have it the CDA certification also called the CDA credential is for you!

One other requirement is your presence on field when needed . A high school diploma is the basic eligibility requirement.

Eligibility Requirement for CDA Council’s:

Candidates seeking to apply for CDA assessment in any of the three settings (center-based, family child care, and home visitor) must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Hold a high school diploma
  3. Have 480 hours of experience working with children within the past five years
  4. Have 120 clock hours of formal child care education within the past five years
  5. Candidates applying for a Bilingual Endorsement must meet the above requirements and be able to speak, read, and write well enough in both English and another language to understand and be understood by both children and adults.

Course fee

reasonably priced globally acknowledged training

We are committed to offering high-quality teaching training at affordable rates we value your concerns of not being able to afford best training courses.

At Atheneum Global, all training courses come under affordable ranges. We strive towards giving nothing but the best of our services to our training students and that has always been our primary goal. Therefore in order to maximise our reach and ensure anyone who desires to take on the role of administration in schools can avail world-class courses, we priced our CDA credential courses fees reasonably.

Not just that we make it a point to honour our meritorious students by offering them scholarships!

Child Development Associate Course Fee Eligibility
CDA for preschool training Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $ 200 for international students. High school diploma
CDA for infant/toddler training Rs 15,500 for Indian citizens and $200 for international students High school diploma

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • Learn at your pace from anywhere in the world - The best part of choosing to learn train online is that whether you are in Chennai or Mumbai or elsewhere, with Atheneum Global’s CDA courses you can study peacefully and schedule your lessons accordingly.
  • With our fast track mode available for early completion you can have full control over your training schedules and manage it with your day-to-day plans accordingly!

  • personalized attention - You learn better in an online environment because you can get your concepts cleared as many times as you want with a specialized tutor available to cater to your questions. This helps you go into the depth of any subject and apply it in practical settings as well.

Course curriculum

valuable, child centric curriculum

CDA Credential curriculum is focused on child development and techniques to better manage children in any given setting. The syllabus thus encompasses everything you need to know from child-psychology to being an absolute professional at workplace. Qualities that an institution would admire and respect!

The modules

  1. Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
  2. Advancing children's physical and intellectual development
  3. Supporting children's social and emotional development
  4. Building productive relationships with families
  5. Managing an effective program operation
  6. Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
  7. Observing and recording children's behavior
  8. Understanding the principles of child development and learning

Admission process and Academic Support Services

  • Our enrolment processes are designed for your convenience and for you to carry out secure online payments!
  • We have easy 3 step online enrolment process where you apply and pay through our safe and secure payment mode, using either BHIM UPI, Google Pay, Card or other reliable platforms depending on whichever mode you are comfortable with!
  • We are also keen on providing the best academic support for our students as we at Atheneum Global firmly believe that our actual work start with you applying for your desired course. Our professional personalized tutors solve all your program related queries and help you in enhancing your skills at daycare or classroom settings.

Career Opportunities

  • Career opportunities after a CDA qualification are in plenty. All these jobs are related to taking care of kids and effectively being able to manage them.
  • From day care to classroom settings, qualified professionals are in high demand to look after young kids are. So make the most out this chance an apply for a CDA course to open doors to the following career paths-

  • Being a pre-school teaching assistant at daycare. Some of a teaching assistant 's responsibilities include recording student success and development, planning lessons and resources, and assisting teachers in managing the course.
  • A head teacher at a daycare or preschoolTeachers are always expected to be well-versed on topics of early childhood education and know how to effectively bring fun activities into a child’s learning curriculum.
  • A Nanny. Nannies are providers for in-home childcare and with the tough schedule that people follow these days, the need too, rises. Thus you could take on child-care tasks and show your abilities of ensuring a positive atmosphere for children.
  • Tutors to kids who are in need for a little extra support. As tutors you could be teaching at homes to help kids develop the skills needed to get into kindergarten.

Accreditation and Affiliations

AGTTC has both national as well as international accreditations which makes it one of the leading teacher training course providers. From being one of the few training and development organizations that is an ISO certified to being members of international colleges and associations, Atheneum is globally recognized!

We are also proud members of The International Montessori Council (IMC,) USA and The International Montessori Society (IMS), USA who are dedicated towards designing policies that promote the essential principles of best practices and authentic Montessori education.

Additionally, AGTTC is an institutional member of The College of Teachers (The Chartered College of Teachers) and AGTTC affiliated with London Teacher Training College which is a renowned Teacher Training College known for its remarkable, quality teaching.