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Montessori Teacher Training

These programs help you master the core aspects of Montessori philosophy. If you wish to begin your career as a qualified Montessori teacher in Bangalore with courses that are provided by a recognized member of international associations of UK and USA, then look no further!

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Pre & Primary Teacher Training

Preparing you on the in-depth aspects and sensibilities of child-centred education is our aim. Our pre-primary teacher training programs embody not just theoretical information but also strategies, techniques and practical base that you will need to become a professional instructor.

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Nursery Teacher Training

Our online nursery teacher training programs guide and train you in managing a nursery setting creatively and effectively and polish the crucial skills required that prove your proficiency to teach and prepare innovative activities for kids in the said nursery setting.

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Early Childhood Care and Education

With detailed exploration of topics like sociology, child-psychology, health and social policy, these courses offer a superb framework for variety of occupations that require the skills of managing children. You'll be well-equipped to handle roles in sectors including health, education and social care.

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Educational Administration and Management

Want to systematically and efficiently manage academic establishments in Bangalore and become excellent, reliable administrators? The school Administration and Management courses prepare you to become one. Exploring strategies on administration and management of schools you will hone skills to effectively run an institute.

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Child Development Associate

"If you wish to work as a day-care teacher, child-care worker, or a governess, the Child Development Associate certification, the most commonly accepted qualification in ECE, would be helpful. It shows your expertise in fields promoting children's safe growth and development, both in centre-based care and residential visiting programmes."

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These courses make you capable to teach English to speakers of other languages. Through our extremely reputed dual certification program in TESOL and Ofqual regulated UK qualification on TEFL, you will fulfil your dream of flying abroad to teach English to non-speakers!

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Our IIMTT centre in Bangalore provides in-class Montessori courses, training you on Montessori philosophy in a classroom setting. We provide the most effective in-class teacher training in Bangalore, ensuring that you get regular web and mobile based assessment of practical and theoretical concepts learnt in class.

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Level 3/4/5 Course in Special Educational Needs

The most valuable contribution that a person can make in society today is arguably to serve as a professional educator. Many who chose to support students with special needs, in particular, play a vital role in improving the outcomes of people with disabilities. This course is intended as a guide to help you develop a basic understanding of the mechanisms of special education and the essence and needs of learners with disabilities.

Who We Are

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is an international leader in advanced teacher preparation with a worldwide network of training colleges preparing teachers for a stellar career as teachers with a genuinely global perspective.

Atheneum Global recently set foot in India's silicon valley — Bangalore. We offer internationally accredited training programs for teachers through several partner centers in Bangalore, and we are committed to contributing significantly to the incredible growth of teacher vocational education.


Our Accreditations and Memberships

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has both national as well as international accreditations which makes it one of the leading teacher training course providers. From being one of the few training and development organizations that is an ISO certified to being members of international colleges and associations, Atheneum is globally recognized!

Our teacher training services are exemplary as we are proud members of The International Montessori Council (IMC,) USA and The International Montessori Society (IMS), USA who are dedicated towards designing policies that promote the essential principles of best practices and authentic Montessori education. Both these associations recognize Montessori institution based on their commitment and practice to train teachers for a child-centred approach of education.

Additionally, Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is an institutional member of The College of Teachers (The Chartered College of Teachers) and abides by its Code of Professional Practice. The college is a globally recognized professional body with its Patron being The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is also an institutional member of London Teacher Training College which again is a renowned Teacher Training College that prides itself on the quality of its courses and the individual attention it provides every student who enrols.

Atheneum Global is also an accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider. Accredited by the CPD group, UK which examines CPD activities which include training courses, online seminars, face to face learning, events or workshops across the world and accredits them by ensuring that they are compared on the highest standards when it comes to content structure, quality, creativity and accessibility.

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